Wellness is a balance between the body, mind and the spirit. A healthy lifestyle is a comprehensive wellness for us to function well and feel good. We need to provide care to all aspects of our body, mind and spirit, for a wholesome feeling of a healthy life.

Urbanised lifestyles, day-to-day pressures and a stressful life are factors contributing to a diseased body and soul. It might be a clich√© to say that “prevention is better than cure”, but it remains to be an undisputed fact, which needs to be given ample emphasis. Increase in factors like stress, pressure and unhealthy lifestyles, a number of diseases and medical conditions are on the rise, which then results in treatment procedures and sometimes lifetime afflictions. These can be easily and effectively avoided through early detection or prevention altogether by lifestyle changes.

A healthy body, is key to a healthy mind. At CrestMed, we believe in Health, and our care is focused on eradicating lifestyle diseases. Our services and team of healthcare professionals are driven to focus on Your Health.

Studies show that preventable illnesses constitute almost 80% of the illness burden at the workplace, and about 90% of the healthcare costs. (WHO Estimates, Times of India, September 13, 2007)

CrestMed is an environment apt for wellness and suited to provide the best healthcare prevention. A non-hospital set up ensures expert, personalized, undivided and dedicated attention from the team, rendering quality care. In a no-panic environment, we ensure our guest’s health visit is pleasant experience and is carried out in a soothing, comforting ambience.

For businesses, we offer resources and expertise to support a healthy and high performing workforce. We provide an array of comprehensive packages that cover the extensive range of specialities.

At CrestMed, Your Health is Our Care.